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In memory of Solly Patrontasch

We were greatly saddened when we heard of the untimely death of Solly who fought for his life like a tiger for so many years. Read more

The Salvaged Torah Scroll

By: Yosef Tzvi Buber, told by Michael Melman. Read more

ZOLKIEW & Mosty Wieli’s International conference

Thanks to all participants

Pages of Testimony

Yad Vashem site

Project HEART


Jerzy Czarnecki movie

Jerzy Czarnecki, the protagonist of the film, could have contented himself with a quiet retirement after many years of work for the Swiss Federal Office of Energy in the field of radiation protection. But he is driven to act: he has unique memories and feels a pressing obligation to share them. Starting with a journey to Mosty Wielki (in today's Ukraine), the town where he spent his youth and which he had to leave in 1942, the film tracks the key places and events in Jerzys life.


Yosef Hirschhorn, 1920-2001

My father, Yosef Hirschhorn, was born officially in 1920.
His father, Aryeh Hirschhorn, and his mother, Yehudit Hirschhorn, were from the Gabel family. My father had three sisters: Shoshana Hirschhorn, who was older than he and who was highly active in Zolkiew’s Zionist and Jewish organizations (Hechalutz). After the war, she and her husband Ignatz traveled to Kenya and in 1952, the year of my birth, she died during open heart surgery in Paris.


Zenya Kahane, Z”L

By Batia Kahane

It has been a year. It took me several months to gather my emotional strength and return home, my home in Tel Aviv.
My mother, Zenya, passed away at her home about a year ago.
She raised two children, lived to enjoy having four grandchildren and was fortunate enough to be blessed by three wonderful great grandchildren who lit up her life in recent years with each visit.


My name is Gladys Halpern

By giza Halpern

I was born in Zolkiew Poland to Sala and Ephraim Landau.
My childhood in Zolkiew was happy and beautiful surrounded with my family and friends.

We had no Jewish nursery in Zolkiew so my mother and my father cousin Sala Shwartz who had two girls Clara and Mania organized nursery, which in the beginning was in our house. I went to public school in the morning and in the afternoon to Hebrew school like most of the Jewish children. I have many Jewish friends and some polish friends.


My Story – Clara Kramer

was born in Zolkiew in 1927. I grew up in a 2 family house with my grandparents and two single uncles next to us. That meant a lot of love. I remember my Aunt Utchka’s wedding and the joy surrounding it. I even remember the dresses my sister and I were wearing.


Zolkiew Back Then

Excerpt from an article by Yosef Tzvi Buber: ” Zolkiew Back Then”:

“It is with a great sense of awe that I approach the writing of my earliest childhood memories in our city of Zolkiew, recording the impressions of my youth, the witness of my own eyes and ears, garnered from the leaders of the city, its notables, students of the learned ones and people of action, and out of the deepest sense of shock.


The Mendel Family

Before the Holocaust, the Mendel family lived in a beautiful big house in Zolkiew: the father, Zalman, his wife Henya and their two daughters, Ada and Giza (Tova). The family owned forests, sawmills and a lumber business.


The life of a child

By Alex Orli

Dedicated to my beloved sister, Clara Kramer

I was born in 1934, in the city of Zolkiew in Poland (East Galicia), a region that is now within the borders of Ukraine.
Approximately half of the residents of the exciting city of Zolkiew were Jews, and my family was well off.


Survival in the bunker

By Naomi Kornberg (Zoshe orlander)

I was born in April 1939, in the town of Zolkiew, near the regional city of Lvov. My brother Zigush and I were the only young children in the family. My mother, Rachel, was the youngest of six children in the Reitzfeld family.


The story of a Holocaust Child and Immigrant on the Ship “Exodus” in 1947

by Tova Ben-Menachem (Giza Mandel)
Prepared by her granddaughter, Maayan Kabli

I was born in Poland, in the town of Zolkiew, near Lvuv, in 1934, into a wealthy and distinguished family. At the age of 5, I was banished to the ghetto, together with my family. My father was conscripted to work at forced labor in the local railway station.


Memories of Childhood

I was born on 18 August 1932 in the house of my grandfather and grandmother, in Zolkiew, the youngest daughter of the Karp family. My father, Pinhas Karp, came from the town of Józefów, Poland, and my mother, Reize (Shoshana) of the Reizfeld family, came from the town of Zolkiew, near the city of Lvov, in Ukraine. My parents built their home in Józefów.


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