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In memory of Solly Patrontasch

We were greatly saddened when we heard of the untimely death of Solly who fought for his life like a tiger for so many years. Read more

The Salvaged Torah Scroll

By: Yosef Tzvi Buber, told by Michael Melman. Read more

ZOLKIEW & Mosty Wieli’s International conference

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My Story – Clara Kramer

was born in Zolkiew in 1927. I grew up in a 2 family house with my grandparents and two single uncles next to us. That meant a lot of love. I remember my Aunt Utchka’s wedding and the joy surrounding it. I even remember the dresses my sister and I were wearing.

I went to regular school in the morning and Hebrew school, for 2 hours, in the afternoon. We learned one hour of Hebrew language and one hour of Torah. We bought Herzl stamps to buy land in Palestine. Next to our house was a Jewish orphanage and next to it a Jewish Professional School for Girls. We had a Purim Ball and a Chanukah ball … life was great.

In 1939 the war broke out — this life came to an end. First the Germans came, then Hitler made a pact with Stalin and we were occupied by Russians. It was no picnic. My grandfather was arrested and never came back. My grandmother, one uncle, aunt Rozia and her family were taken to Russia. My grandfather never came back; the others survived and came back after the war.

In 1941 Hitler overran Stalin; the Germans came and the hell started. We had to wear white armbands with the Star of David and everybody had to work. We could not walk on the sidewalk. Then they started the killing. Every day the train passed our city, on the way to Belzec, which was a killing place. The people knew where they are going and jumped off the train. Most were killed by the Germans but many were only wounded. I’m proud of the Jews of Zolkiew. We went to the railroad tracks, we buried the dead and picked up the wounded and put them in Jewish homes. There was only one Jewish nurse her name was Pepa Fish. She organized the young Jews, and I was one of them.

In winter of 1942 we went into hiding. I hid for almost almost 2 years in a bunker. There were eighteen of us, huddled together for all that time. After the war we went to a displaced persons camp in Austria and later Germany. I met and married my husband Sol in the displaced persons camp in Austria. When Israel became independent we went to Israel. My 2 sons were born in Israel, but after 8 years Sol went to see his parents in America and when he came back he wanted to go to America.

I love Israel. I miss Alex and Metuka. I wish I would be there.

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